Alumni, current students, and program faculty are eligible to join as voting members. Program partners, friends, and regional conservation/environmental organizations are welcome and encouraged to join as non-voting members. 

Note: All active memberships purchased between 2017 and May 2019 expired at the end of 2019. All annual memberships purchased or renewed after June 2019, will be active through the 2020 calendar year.

You’ll find that there are now several membership levels to choose from. The membership benefits are the same regardless of level, but becoming a member at a higher level provides greatly expanded support for our students and alumni. Please consider becoming a member at a higher level if you have the means to do so. If the FNEP program has been good to you over the years, then this is a great way to give back!

What your membership supports in 2020:

Direct Student Support

  • Funding for current students to attend conferences.
  • Field equipment.
  • Travel scholarships for current students pursuing projects outside New England.
  • Stipends for guest speakers, field trips, and other professional development opportunities.

Direct Alumni Support

  • Small research grants to support alumni in pursuit of intellectual passions.
  • Support registration fees for Annual FNEP Symposium and other conferences.

Flex Fund

  • For both current students and alumni
  • Cover small expenses that promote the work of FNEPs (publication submission fees, application fees, etc.)
  • Support of guest lectures/workshops/field walk programs open to both students and alumni.

General Operating Budget

  • Annual FNEP Symposium expenses, including facilities rentals and keynote speaker.
  • Maintenance of our database, website, and associated software.
  • Supporting Field Notes magazine publication costs.
  • Branded FNEP promotional materials (hats, pins, posters, etc.).

What else comes with a membership?

  • Exclusive access to our regularly updated alumni and member database and contact information.
  • First access to RFPs and consulting opportunities declined by FNEP program.
  • Networking to connect partner organizations with alumni expertise.

Purchase or Renew My Membership

 Please select a membership level:

Betula ($25)

Acer ($50)

Fraxinus ($100)

Carpinus ($250)

Make an Additional Tax-deductible Donation

The Field Naturalist & Ecological Planning Alumni Association can only provide programs, student support, and alumni opportunities thanks to the generous contributions of our members and friends. Please consider increasing your impact by giving a donation in addition to your membership dues. Thank you for considering a donation to our organization!