2018 Northeast Natural History Conference

The FNEP Alumni Association is pleased to be a sponsor of the 2018 Northeast Natural History Conference (NENHC) in Burlington, Vermont.

We are coordinating a series of events as part of the NENHC, including:

  • Friday, April 13:
    • Friday field walks throughout Vermont
    • Potluck dinner and happy hour for FNEP alumni (time and location TBD)
  • Saturday, April 14:
    • Two speaker sessions featuring a full line-up for FNEP alumni speakers:
      1. What To Do With Natural History Knowledge: Communicating for Change
      2. Designing and Conserving an Ecologically-Functional Landscape
    • FNEP Alumni Association Lunch Banquet

These program offerings are embedded within a packed conference schedule. Details about the conference schedule will soon be published here.

Interested in presenting? Contact fnepalumniassociation@gmail.com by February 26.

Need assistance paying for the conference? The FNEP Alumni Association has limited funds available to assist with conference registration fees. Please contact us at fnepalumniassociation@gmail.com if you would benefit from registration assistance.

Looking for accommodations? Local alumni, current students, and program faculty may be able to provide housing. Contact us at fnepalumniassociation@gmail.com and we’ll connect you with local hosts!

We hope to see you there!