FNEP Graduate Student Sponsored Consulting Projects

For over 35 years, the Field Naturalist & Ecological Planning Program has developed partnerships with conservation organizations where FNEP graduate students work as professional-level consultants on a project of importance to the sponsoring organization.

These projects range in scope from tracking the expansion of white pine blister rust in the High Sierras, to mapping natural communities in Maine, to developing control measures for invasive species in Vermont, to improving trout habitat in an Oregon stream, to modeling wildlife corridors in New York, to creating watershed-level plans in Puerto Rico.

In return for the service, we ask sponsors to contribute $5,000 to our Master’s Project Fund. The entirety of these funds go to helping offset student tuition. If your organization has a need that this partnership program might satisfy, contact Walter Poleman ( for more information.

FNEP Alumni Consulting Work

The Field Naturalist & Ecological Planning Alumni Association represents over 200 expert ecologists, consultants, educators, and natural resource practitioners. If your organization is in need of our unique, professional-level assistance, please contact us with a brief prospectus of your project, and we will be in touch!