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A “Solst-Ice” Report: The Season’s First “Big Chill”

By Matt Pierle In the aftermath of a backwoods Solstice party in Lamoille County we awoke to a small mountain of dishes and no electricity. The longest night of the year had wrapped us in an icy bear hug. Cold rain followed by dropping temps had frozen everything stiff.  Tree trunks, branches, rocks – anything not… Continue reading A “Solst-Ice” Report: The Season’s First “Big Chill”

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My third-floor office is a commanding venue for a nap.  Reclined in a worn swivel chair with my unsheathed feet stacked on the heat grates, I slip into my best unproductive hours.  When my eyes deign to open, the scenery is ripe for a Chamber of Commerce brochure.  The golden chapel domes and brown brick… Continue reading Reflections

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Rock: The Best Thing about Vermont

by Becky Cushing I’m not a geologist, but recently I learned a thing or two about Vermont bedrock that bumps it above maple syrup or cheese on Vermont’s “Best of” List. By nature, I ask a lot of questions: What trees are those? How deep is this soil? What bird lives in that nest? Turns… Continue reading Rock: The Best Thing about Vermont

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Winding Through the Path of Least Resistance

by Ryan Morra “Slow down, you’re moving too fast, you’ve got to make the moment last.” Simon and Garfunkel phrased it well. If you look at aerial photographs of the Winooski or Lamoille Rivers in northern Vermont, you’ll notice how dramatically the rivers snake through Champlain Valley with one horseshoe-shaped bend after the next. Launch… Continue reading Winding Through the Path of Least Resistance