A Successful Symposium!

Thanks to all who attended Friday's 21st Century Field Naturalist Symposium! Please see our Events page for details and videos from our Friday morning session. We look forward to seeing you all again next year! Stay tuned for details about future events by the Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning Programs and our new Alumni Association!


The 21st Century Field Naturalist Symposium ( May 5 – 6)

May 5th – 6th 2017: The 21st Century Field Naturalist Symposium What skills do Field Naturalists and Ecological Planners need to solve the conservation challenges of today and of the future? What current issues in conservation are we uniquely positioned to address? Field Naturalists, Ecological Planners, and conservation professionals near and far are converging to connect,… Continue reading The 21st Century Field Naturalist Symposium ( May 5 – 6)

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Beauty from the Beast

By Katherine Hale - Vultures are stereotyped as patient, but they do not appreciate interruptions during meals. The two black vultures on the sidewalk took off with disgruntled, clumsy flapping, temporarily abandoning their dining experience as I approached. They perched awkwardly in the trees and shifted their weight from foot to foot, ruffling and shaking… Continue reading Beauty from the Beast