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What’s in Your Backpack?

By Kelly Finan - Rattling My Bones Dripping with cultural history and utterly unique, the objects cradled in Connor Stedman’s excited hands burned with sentimental value. Their glow reflected in Connor’s eyes and didn’t flicker for an instant upon the delivery of my first question. “So, what are they?” To the untrained eye, they were… Continue reading What’s in Your Backpack?


The Fall Migration of Raptors

By Emily Brodsky Just about when the leaf peepers begin flocking to the roadways to observe Vermont’s spectacular autumn foliage, an equally-enthusiastic set of nature lovers is trekking up the peaks to watch a different seasonal event: the fall migration of raptors.  Also known as “birds of prey,” this majestic group includes the eagles, falcons,… Continue reading The Fall Migration of Raptors