Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The FNEP Alumni Association Board of Directors meets quarterly. Minutes are approved for circulation at the beginning of the subsequent meeting.

04_29_2021_FNEPAA Board of Directors Minutes (Approved)

11_17_2020_FNEPAA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (Approved)

07_21_2020_FNEPAA Board of Directors Minutes (Approved)

04_15_2020_ FNPAA Board of Directors Meeting (Approved)

02_12_2020 FNEPAA Meeting Minutes (Approved)

2019_10_09_FNEPAA Minutes (Approved)

2019_03_07_FNEPAA Minutes (Approved)

2019_01_10_FNEPAA Minutes (Approved)

2018_01_11_FNEPAA Minutes (Approved)

2018_03_18_FNEPAA Minutes (Approved)

2018_05_17_FNEPAA Minutes (Approved)

2018_10_25_FNEPAA Minutes (Approved)

2017_07_06_ FNEPAA Minutes (Approved)

2017_09_07_FNEPAA Minutes (Approved)

2017_11_02_FNEPAA Minutes (Approved)