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A Tale of Two Butterflies

By Katherine Hale - There are no graceful ways to mention extinct species in casual conversation. Years ago, on a visit to San Francisco, a local friend asked what I thought of Golden Gate Park. “You're a naturalist, right—isn't that just your thing?” I made the mistake of answering honestly. “It's very pretty,” I agreed,… Continue reading A Tale of Two Butterflies

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Fire in the Swamp

By Jessie Griffin - Coffee-colored water peels away from our boat, sending ripples across the glass surface of Lake Drummond. The ancient cypress trees begin to dance as our wake bends their reflections. We’re crossing this hidden, undeveloped lake at the center of a once-vast wetland stretching from southern Virginia across a million acres into… Continue reading Fire in the Swamp

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The space between humans and cougars

Lyra Brennan - Two hundred feet above the lush Ardèche River in the south of France lies the barely visible entrance to a cave slotted between massive limestone cliffs. Narrow passageways connect multiple chambers that, once illuminated, reveal the unmistakable walls of Chauvet Cave, used 32,000 years ago by early humans who adorned this cave in… Continue reading The space between humans and cougars