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Freshwater Sharks

Snorkeling in frigid waters for a species at-risk By Levi Old                                                                On a dead-still summer night, I army-crawl upstream. “We have a large adult!” says Jen. I rise to one knee and pull the fogged snorkel mask off my head. “A big one?” I mumble in a haze. “Yeah, really big. Much larger than I’ve… Continue reading Freshwater Sharks

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What’s in Your Backpack?

By Kelly Finan - Rattling My Bones Dripping with cultural history and utterly unique, the objects cradled in Connor Stedman’s excited hands burned with sentimental value. Their glow reflected in Connor’s eyes and didn’t flicker for an instant upon the delivery of my first question. “So, what are they?” To the untrained eye, they were… Continue reading What’s in Your Backpack?

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The Burlington Naturalist Scavenger Hunt Series: Williston’s Muddy Brook Wetland

A special series of blog posts brought to you by Liz Brownlee  -- The Burlington Naturalist Scavenger Hunt Series: Discover the area’s hidden gems.  Hone your naturalist skills.  Learn to see the treasures along every walking path, trail, and creek. This series of scavenger hunts is a chance to get outside, look closely at the world around you,… Continue reading The Burlington Naturalist Scavenger Hunt Series: Williston’s Muddy Brook Wetland

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Random Nature Questions from a Non-naturalist

by Audrey Clark My stepbrother lounged in front of the television watching a reality TV show about mining in Alaska.  I sat on the couch, facing away from the television, drinking tea and reading a book on visionary scientists. After a while, I started to wonder what my stepbrother wondered about. “Caleb?” “Yeah.” “What questions… Continue reading Random Nature Questions from a Non-naturalist

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The Charisma of the Drab

By Audrey Clark - Wandering down Boulevard Saint Germain near Notre Dame in Paris, I passed a store window filled with insect specimens on display. The stylish sign read Claude et Nature (Claude and Nature). I veered into the store, astonished that such a place exists. A small stuffed bison (small for a bison, that… Continue reading The Charisma of the Drab